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Thursday, 22 July 2010

Indonesia's Social Security Primary Principle

Passion of democracy has been bursting civil awareness of human rights and genuine independence since a massive vocal movement in 1998. The burst was just beyond local understanding that inflict social shocks in many aspects pertaining to the state and social life. The wave of democracy forced transformation of governmental system. One that examined is the system of social security.

Social security be hold in accordance to welfare-state principle which was announced world-wide in the early 19 century. The principle provoke nation to pay attention on mostly social scheme. Social security system is one included. Indonesia's path of social security is now vivid. Social Security Act 40/2004 has just begun a significant leap - and a challenge also - to Indonesia's strategic policy in the atmosphere of Reformation Era.

Policy is forged by natural value and ideal thought of people, act is her only child. The mother was the demand of security system which drive the establishment of appropriate policy itself whom social security act is the son. National System of Social Security Act 40/2004 is beloved son of policy related to the need of people in 2004 era.

Ideally, the term of social security system should meet principle of social insurance despite of charity basics according to National System of Social Security Act 40/2004. Social security systems top principle is non-profit sustainability. Furthermore, its membership is compulsory and there's should be an equalization of insurance fund to its premiums that apply progressive method. Social security is somehow becomes civil privilege rather than annual charity program, business necessary, nor a pension fund. The presence of a non-profit institute is a must to implement the spirit of National System of Security Act 40/2004. The main role of the body is solely providing public insurance and not to take a business opportunity to the fund of public. Its simply has no chance to be profit-oriented.

Nowadays, there are four bodies regards to social security provider in Indonesia. Those are PT. ASKES with 96.2 million members and 10 billion capital, PT. ASABRI with 1.1 million members and 11 billion capital, PT. TASPEN with 2 million members and 60 billion capital, PT.JAMSOSTEK with 8.9 million members and 86 billion capital. The core of national system of social security is unification of institute to provide public insurance. The opinion based on the amount of fund that is obtained from public would be very significant to raise the effectiveness of the institute role.

Let us be aware, the accomplishment of the ideal above has just become our task. We, the citizen. Let us be vocal to maintain the flow of the spirit of democracy.

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